NERACOOS Membership

Why should I become a member? 

NERACOOS is the trusted source of ocean and weather information from Long Island Sound to the Gulf of Maine. We are a network of observers, modelers, forecasters, data managers, tool developers, and interested organizations and individuals. NERACOOS membership is a diverse mix of those interested in obtaining, using and sustaining the best ocean and weather information in the IOOS northeast region. 

Why does NERACOOS need my membership?

We need your help to ensure that this critical information is sustained and gets to the people who need it.  The federal funds we receive provide critical base support, but we need help to keep the system operating and improving. With your membership we will be able to:

•    Maintain and repair infrastructure, ensuring observations and forecasts continue

•    Develop new tools to make it easier for people to access and understand the information, and

•    Advocate for the national IOOS program to continue base support.

Become a member of NERACOOS today!

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Application Form

Simply download the application form and return to the NERACOOS office via email or mail. 

To our Members

Thank you, with your support we can continue to deliver critical information to the people who need it.  

Sustaining Members:












Supporting Members:

Malcolm Spaulding












Associate Members:

Casco Bay Estuary Partnership Maine Lobstermen's Association
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Maine Department of Marine Resources
Melville Cote Jr. Marine & Oceanographic Technology Network
Educational Passages Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association
Fisheries and Oceans Canada RPS Group
Institute of Marine Innovation, Research, and Sustainability (IMIRS) Ru Morrison
Judith Pederson St. Lawrence Global Observatory
Maine Coastal Program Jim Taylor
  Waterview Consulting



Gulf of Maine Council
Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management U.S. Environmental Protection Agency








NERACOOS is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) registered with the IRS so most of your membership dues are tax-deductible. Please note that NERACOOS members shall not be formal members within the meaning of the Maine Nonprofit Corporation Act and shall not have membership or voting rights under said Act. If you have any questions, please contact Ru Morrison at 603-317-5200 or ru@neracoos.org