Real-Time Data

Real-time data portal
An interactive map that shows the latest weather and ocean observations including winds, waves, air and water temperature, salinity, right whale presence and more.


New! Real-time data map for mobile
The interactive buoy map, now optimized for touchscreen devices


All data from this station
A tool that allows you to look at all the data collected from a station.


Compare Stations
A tool that allows you to compare data from three stations and view them side-by-side.


Region Wide Buoy Conditions
A tool that allows you to compare data types across the region.


Wave and Water Level Forecast/Observation Viewer
A viewer that compares model forecasts against actual observations for both wave height and water levels.


Surface Currents
Maps show speed and direction of currents based on data from high-frequency radar.


Explanation of Data Types
A reference page for data types.

Dial a buoy
Instructions for how to access buoy data through NOAA’s Dial-A-Buoy service.

NEFSC Drifter Program
Access to information and data from student-built, fishermen-deployed, satellite-tracked “drifters”.


Instructions for Real Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds for buoy data.

Sea Surface Temperature
Satellite images for Chlorophyll and Sea Surface Temperatures: A “big picture” view of ocean conditions in the Northeast.