Ocean Forecasts
The Northeast Coastal Ocean Forecast System (NECOFS) is a coupled atmosphere-ocean model system that produces three day forecasts of a variety of ocean variables including waves, temperature, salinity and density.


Wave Forecast
Maps depict predicted wave conditions across the Gulf of Maine 48 hours in the future.


Wind and Wave Forecast
A tool for looking at wind and wave forecasts 48 hours in the future.


Coastal Flooding and Erosion Forecast
Decision support tool uses forecasts of water level and waves to predict coastal damage for Saco, ME and Scituate, MA.


Map and Model Viewer
A viewer designed to permit rapid browsing of the output of several models running in the Northeast region.  This product is no longer being updated.

Wave and Water Level Forecast/Observation Viewer
A viewer that compares model forecasts against actual observations for both wave height and water levels.