NERACOOS has recently launched new THREDDS and ERDAPP servers to access real-time and highest QA/QC historic observations from NERACOOS data partners. We will be actively adding data to this resource from observation and modeling data.

NERACOOS THREDDS: http://www.neracoos.org/thredds/catalog.html
The THREDDS Data Server (TDS) is a web server that provides metadata and data access for scientific datasets, using a variety of remote data access protocols.

NERACOOS ERDDAP: http://www.neracoos.org/erddap/index.html
ERDDAP (the Environmental Research Division's Data Access Program) is a data server that gives you a simple, consistent way to download subsets of scientific datasets in common file formats and make graphs and maps. This particular ERDDAP installation has oceanographic data (for example, data from satellites and buoys).

Other THREDDS resources from the region:

USGS Woods Hole, MA
Gulf of Maine Interoperability Catalog: http://coast-enviro.er.usgs.gov/thredds/gom_interop_catalog.html
Univ. Maine/GoMOOS GoMPOM
Circulation Model: http://rocky.umeoce.maine.edu/thredds/
Univ. New Hampshire
WRF Model: http://www.jcoot.unh.edu/thredds/catalog/wrf/analysis/catalog.html
River Discharge Model: http://www.jcoot.unh.edu/thredds/catalog/pWBM_9km/catalog.html
Univ. Massachusetts Dartmouth
NECOFS: http://www.smast.umassd.edu:8080/thredds/catalog.html
NECOFS Data: http://fvcom.smast.umassd.edu/Data/FVCOM/NECOFS/data.html