Strategic Planning and Implementation (SPI) Team

The SPI Team is responsible for the development of the NERACOOS Strategic and other plans as well as determining how these plans will be implemented.  Input is sought from additional Working Groups and Teams that may be stood up or down as needed.  As such, the SPI Team also generates proposals in response to funding opportunities and guides the implementation of these funded efforts.

The SPI Team is comprised of representatives from the diverse communities involved in ocean observing in the Northeast US and Canadian Maritimes, from data and model providers to those who use and manage our coastal oceans.  The SPI Team includes members from academic, management, non-profit, and industrial sectors.  The initial slate of Team members was sought from and vetted by the Board of Directors. Subsequent membership is determined by the SPI Team.  A Chair is elected by the SPI Team and Executive Committee consisting of the Chairs of the various Working Groups and Teams detailed below. The NERACOOS Executive Director is a non-voting member.  


  Affiliation State Sector
Barney Balch Bigelow ME Academia
Jackie Ball NERACOOS    
Patrick Bradley Teledyne   Industry
Eric Bridger GMRI ME Academia
Todd Callaghan MA CZM MA State Gvt
John Cannon NOAA NWS ME & NH Federal Gvt
Gabrielle Canonico IOOS PO National Federal Gvt
Changsheng Chen UMass Dartmouth MA Academia
Steve Couture NH DES NH State Gvt
Ben Cowie-Haskell NOAA SBNMS MA Federal Gvt
Todd Fake UCONN CT Academia
Bob Hamilton Woods Hole Group MA Industry
Al Hanson URI RI Academia
Eoin Howlett ASA RI Industry
Sue Kiernan RI RI State Gvt
Anthony Kirincich WHOI MA Academia
Hauke Kite-Powell WHOI MA Academia
Matt Liebman EPA Regional Federal Gvt
Jim Manning NOAA NMFS Regional Federal Gvt
Richard Moore USGS   Federal Gvt
Ru Morrison NERACOOS Regional IOOS RA
Nick Napoli NROC Regional NROC
Betsy Nicholson NOAA CSC Regional Federal Gvt
Kevin O'Brien CT DEEP CT State Gvt
Jim O'Donnell UCONN CT Academia
Will Perrie DFO / BIO NS Federal Gvt / Academia
Neal Pettigrew UMaine ME Academia
Al Plueddemann WHOI MA Academia
Jeff Runge GMRI ME Academia
Joe Salisbury UNH NH Academia
Tom Shyka NERACOOS Regional IOOS RA
Richard Signell USGS MA Federal Govt
Paul Stacey Great Bay NERR NERR Federal Govt
Cassie Stymiest NERACOOS Regional IOOS RA
John Winkelman USACE Regional Federal Gvt
Riley Young-Morse GMRI ME Academia




Alternate Affiliation Type
Jerry Mullison Teledyne Industry
Bob Beardsley WHOI Accademia
Bruce Magnell Woods Hole Group Industry
Dan Codiga URI GSO  
Heather Stoffel RI DEEM  
Peter Smith DFO / BIO Academia / Federal Gvt
Doug Vandemark UNH Accademia