Funded Partners

Bedford Institute of Oceanography, PI: Will Perrie

Gulf of Maine Research Institute, PI: Riley Young Morse

University of Connecticut, PI: Jim O'Donnell

University of Maine, PI: Neal Pettigrew

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, PI: Changsheng Chen and Bob Beardsley

University of New Hampshire, PI: Joe Salisbury

University of Rhode Island, PI: Al Hanson

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, PI: Don Anderson










MOU partners

Northeast Regional Ocean Council- NROC

New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative- NEOSEC

Northeast Coastal and Ocean Data Partnership- NeCODP

Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary- SBNMS 


Bar Harbor Whale Watch

FarSounder, Inc.

Maine Coastal Program

Maine Department of Marine Resources 

Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management

Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

JMS Naval Architects

Cooke Aquaculture, Inc.

Gulf of Maine Council

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

NOAA/Northeast Fisheries Science Center