About RSS feeds
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way for automatically distributing news and information on the web, based on an XML-based file format. These feeds include real-time observations from sites situated in the Northeast. These real-time data are provisional; please consult the definition of provisional data and their inherent limitations.

Available RSS feeds
The following is a list of RSS feeds currently available at NERACOOS:

  • Surface hourly buoy data
  • All hourly buoy data

To use the RSS feeds, you will need to use RSS enabled software or feed reader. There are many options available, and most of these are free and readily available online either as add-ons to your web browser or through popular search engine sites. Some suggestions are below:

Suggested RSS feed reader software and websites

Google Reader
Yahoo Reader
CNET List of News Reader and RSS Aggregator Software
Firefox RSS reader add-on
Adding RSS feeds to Microsoft (Outlook/Explorer)

Tell us what you think
NERACOOS wants to know what you think of these RSS feeds and what additional information or functionality you would like to see through these feeds. Send us feedback with the feedback form.